Saturday, December 27, 2008

"Not Easily Broken" Interview with Morris Chestnut - host Pam Perry, Chocolate Pages

NOT EASILY BROKEN, a novel by bestselling author Bishop T.D. Jakes tells a powerful story of disappointment, temptation, pain and restoration.

The problems have been there for a long time. Dave and Clarice Johnson's marriage is slowly being wedged apart by misplaced independence and separate dreams. Dave has noticed Clarice pulling away emotionally and physically, but he doesn't know if it's because she feels that he hasn't been supportive enough of her career in real estate, or because she obviously disapproves of his choice to own and run a janitorial business.

Clarice's fierce independence threatens to drive them completely apart as she endures a hard recovery from a leg injury suffered in a car accident. Rather than let Dave support and take care of her, Clarice finds that she is more frustrated than ever with Dave, and with herself.

As Dave faces temptations from an unexpected source during Clarice’s darkest days, the couple eventually learns the importance of promises made and kept, and they find that God speaks to them in the most unlikely places.

The film based on NOT EASILY BROKEN is currently set for theatrical release in January 2009.
Director Bill Duke steps behind the camera for this adaptation of the T.D. Jakes novel concerning a newly married couple that finds their union threatened by pressures involving faith, family, and finances. As the couple exchanges their vows, the minister lays a cord around them while uttering the blessing, "a threefold cord is not easily broken." Later, during their darkest hour, the minister's advice to always keep God at the center of their marriage could be the only thing that keeps this troubled pair together.

Jakes' writing is both challenging and encouraging, and reminds us that with God integrated into our lives—even a relationship on the rocks is not easily broken.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Melissa Johnson on CNN -

Make your passion solve your problems. Brand YOURself! Melissa Johnson says, "Brand ME!"

Reposition yourself! PR is an empowerment tool says Karen Taylor-Bass!!!!

Not Easily Broken by Bishop TD Jakes

Look for the interview I did with Morris Chestnut on YouTube about the hot new movie. Coming soon....
"NOT EASILY BROKEN" is an uplifting drama about love and family adapted from the book of the same name by renowned pastor and author Bishop T. D. Jakes. Starring Morris Chestnut & Taraji P. Henson.(TRISTAR PICTURES) Rated PG-13. (trailer)
Get this book: "David Mathison's BE THE MEDIA is a text and bible on how modern methods permit every person and organization to reach an audience that only a few years ago was reserved for the multi-billion dollar media conglomerates. It is a reference for uninhibited and unlimited methods that use print, computers, and the whole spectrum of devices right at hand in almost every community and household. It shows how to spread ideas without the traditional massive presses, major networks and commercial studios."
- Ben H. Bagdikian, Author, The New Media Monopoly; Pulitzer prize-winning journalist; Dean Emeritus, Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California, Berkeley

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How to Create Synergy Energy for YOUR Book to Create BUZZ!

How to Create Synergy Energy for Your Book

“Joining forces with others can bring big rewards.” – Magic Johnson

The cycle of success is weaved within the network of people you know. You have dream - it’s encased in the form of your book - now how do you create a team to make things happen as a new author?

The best marketing secret strategy to use is to create synergy with others. Authors must learn how to share information, experience and markets with other authors. Iron sharpens iron.

Partnering with others gives you opportunities that you could not have produced alone! You can get more buzz for your book by combining strengths and resources with others. A three-fold cord is not easily broken and there is safety in a multiple of counselors. In other words, you’ll be safe and won’t go broke if you learn how to cooperate with others and team up!

There are tons of ways to “joint venture” and partner with others if you’re an author but make certain that the reason for forming the alliance is in SYNC with your goals, values and beliefs.

Here are some ideas:

1. Co-op a trade show booth with other authors. A booth at Book Expo America or CAABA (Christian African American Bookseller Association) could be out of range for an individual author but by coming together with other authors, the cost is just a fraction. This is win/win for everyone. The authors share the space and have a buddy who will “cover” them as they walk the exhibit floor and network with others.
2. Authors can partner with book clubs, bloggers, and radio station announcers by providing books through contests. This is often called a “trade for mention.”
3. Do co-op mailings together with other authors to bookstores, libraries and church bookstores. This cuts down on postage. Mail postcards, book marks and sample books.
4. Authors can joint venture with entrepreneurs and nonprofits by providing free seminars or information that is important to their target market. Then the church or business can buy bulk copies of their products for the event. The author can also offer additional bonuses.
5. Do workshops or seminars with other authors. You both benefit by creating buzz to each other’s audience and costs are cut in half (and the work too!)
6. Support other author’s book releases. Go to their book signings; tell others about their new release via your blog, email, postcards/flyers at your own book table. The blessing will come back to you too!
7. Swap links with other author’s websites, bookstores or media (this builds your traffic to your site and your Google rankings increase).
8. Trade excerpts with other authors and include that content in each other’s E-Zine, E-Newsletter or blog. The more good content you give your market – the more they love you and support you.
9. Interview another author on a podcast or blogtalk radio show. Share media opportunities.
10. Do a virtual conference with several authors. Or host teleseminars together.
11. Do a swap with another author. Give away tip sheets or Mp3s as bonuses with book purchases.
12. Sell each other’s books at your events. Offer a commission as an incentive so you make it financially worthwhile for others to promote your book.
13. Do a Membership site together on a topic that you and other authors are “experts” on. Take turns each month being the moderator or administrator. If it’s a site for singles, parents or those who want life coaching, do the site together and provide valuable content to the members. They become your “fan” club and eagerly await your future products and services.

As with any partnership, strategic alliances or joint venture, you need to do your homework to make sure it’s a good fit. Remember your brand is on the line, so make sure you “click” with them and are just not trying to get your book out to their list or grab up their web traffic. Be sincere and ask will you enhance your brand by associating with them? And if so, what are you bringing to the table?

By networking with others and adding synergistic partners to your “dream team,” you will multiply your influence, impact and credibility – and your publishing career will soar to new heights. By helping others to succeed, you become a success also.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Top Viral Video of 2008 According to Time Magazine: Where the Heck is Matt? (2008)

Time Magazine published the Top Ten Viral Videos of 2008. These are great examples of the creative ways people are using video. The video above was #1 and is amazing in its scope and in how it is able to touch the heart by its simple and infectious music and spirit.

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Relationships Are Everything

Synergy Energy

Virtual Book Tours, Online book fairs, George Fraser, Dr. Pat Bailey Jones & More

Places to Go, People to See and Info to Have!
"Helping You Live Your Dreams"

Hello Dreamer!

This MONTH's newsletter highlights the power of partnerships to make stuff happen! Whether you have a book, are having an event, putting on a play or sharing information about resources you created - we all need each other to be a success.


That's why I love the internet! It is this web that weaves us together. Divine connections happen if you pay attention to the clues around you.

I'm excited about this newsletter because it's packed with an article from one of my new online friends, Cynthia Frazier. She gives authors some solid advice.

I hope this issue will inspire greater creativity and keep you connected & aware of the cutting edge events and resources to help you live your dreams!

I invite your participation in this email newsletter. Please e-mail your comments, suggestions, stories & questions to me at I will include them in future issues of 'Places to Go, People to See and Info to Have' newsletter.

And as my Christmas gift to you, I want to give you a free Special Report from my upcoming book - Synergy Energy: How to Use the Power of Partnerships to Promote Your Book, Grow Your Business and Brand Your Ministry! I put the "walk in my talk" and was blessed to have great co-authors for my first book: Crystal and Anthony Obey (who I also met online by the way).

Remember, as George Fraser often says, "Team work makes the dream work - so let us build."

Pam Perry, Editor

P.S. Listen to current the Chocolate Pages Show (my first solo show giving a preview about the Synergy Energy book) and join our network of writers, authors and media pros at We are almost 1,000 members strong and really making divine connections to go to the next level. Meet us there!

Attn Book Clubs, Book Writers, and Book Lovers:

The RAWSISTAZ Affair 08 Online Conference for the number one African-American
bookclub is scheduled for Sunday, December 7, to Saturday, December 13.

For more details regarding registration, author listings, workshop topics, and other pertinent
information, please visit:

EDC Creations Magazine - The Premiere Online Literary Magazine for African Americans
(see article written by Pam Perry on The Power of Networking)

Ella D. Curry is the president and CEO of EDC Creations, a marketing and branding firm in Prince George's County Maryland, a radio show host, marketing director, and literary advocate. She is also the founder of Sankofa Literary Society which empowers independent and/or self-published authors through mentoring programs, Internet workshops, marketing and brand coaching.

The Sankofa Literary Society sponsors the Black Authors Network Literary program which offers new authors a chance to showcase their books and articles on Internet radio, on the Sankofa Literary Society's site, along with book and branding coaching that will help them present themselves as professionals as they enter literary circles.

In February, 2008 Ella organized the historic 29-day Black History Month Online book fair, which brought together 200+ authors, community leaders and educators to discuss ways to improve literacy. Each month EDC Creations sponsors a community outreach program to improve relationships and expose great books to waiting readers. Please explore the many facets of EDC Creations and The Black Authors Network brought to your by Ella D. Curry.

Visit our virtual tour social networks to honor the authors on tour with EDC Creations.

EDC Virtual Tour home:
EDC Tour social network:
EDC Tour partners blog:

Nia Virtual Book Tours is a book tour featuring African-American literature in all genres-e.g., Fiction, Romance, Christian-Fiction, Non-Fiction, and others.
Click here for more details.


5 Ways Christian Authors Sabotage Books Sales
by Cynthia Frazier

With successful self publishing on the rise, there has never been a better time to enter the Christian book market than it is right now. From personal stories and testimonies, to self help and personal development, to spiritual growth and motivation, there is room at the table for all authors. Yet many Christian authors fail to capitalize on the countless opportunities available. All too often, they are blind to revenue streams or PR possibilities staring them right in the face. And while the process can be overwhelming, you don't have to restrict your own book sales if you avoid the following faux pas. Put this information to good use and you will see tremendous results for years to come.

1. By not having a strategic plan
Having a plan is something that may seem basic, yet many Christian authors start writing their book with no forethought as to what happens after the book is written and published. Questions like "who is your target market for the book?" should be contemplated ahead of time. Pam Perry, Chief visionary of and Co-author of the soon to be released book Synergy Energy-How to Use the Power of Partnerships to Market Your Book, says this is the number one mistake writers make. They think that everyone will be interested in their story. Other considerations that need to be addressed before your book is finished include, how you will position yourself as an expert, how you will handle a crisis, and how you will market your book.

2. By not having a marketing mindset

Many Christian authors focus solely on the content of their book and neglect to realize that they must develop an audience of readers. Like any entrepreneur or business owner, Christian authors will wear many hats. One of the most important hats to wear is that of getting the message out after it has been written. Marketing is the most critical aspect of being an author because it is marketing that drives book sales. Fortunately, there are many low cost and affordable ways to market your book if you know where to look.

3. By not hiring experts
Many Christian authors put limits on their potential and on their book sales by attempting to do everything themselves. With all of the tasks that come into play, having a successful book in the marketplace requires expertise in topics that have nothing to do with writing a book. Areas such as public relations, marketing, graphic design, media kit design, website design and even writing a press release are all critical to presenting your work as professional. If you don't want to look like an amateur, protect your professional image by putting skilled vendors on your team. It may be a sacrifice in the beginning, but you will be very glad you made the investment in the long run.

4. By not using the Internet to its fullest
We all know that the Internet can be a challenge to figure out. Even so, there are far too many benefits to using the Internet to let the challenges stop you. Using the Internet to save valuable time and money is critical to bringing a book to market. Conducting research, public relations, and selling your book are three crucial functions that make the Internet a valuable tool. Learn what you don't know and utilize the Internet to reach your goals as an author.

5. By not teaming
Pam Perry says partnering is a tool that can be used as leverage to save time and money. I couldn't agree more. Pam says, "When you hit a brick wall, look for a partner or someone you can joint venture with." Forming a joint venture partnership is a powerful way to reduce your workload and increase results. The key to joint venture partnerships however, is give and receive. It is important to know what you have to give and what it is you want to receive. Once you are clear on those two things, it will not be difficult to find people who have what you need to make your book a success.

Do you have a ministry or a Christian book you would like to talk about in your own Internet Radio Show? Think having your own Internet Radio Show is difficult and expensive? Well I've got news for you. Having your own Internet Radio Show is affordable and fun. Join me, Cynthia Renee Frazier, as I teach you seven simple steps to get your show off the ground.

Go to for complete details. But hurry! Seating is limited and registration is filling up fast.

For more free PR tips and advice, visit my blog at
The PR BootCamp Handbook is available!

If you would like a copy FREE, email me at

Hear my mentor, George Fraser on the Chocolate Pages Show, Thursday, Dec. 4 at 6 p.m. / Tune in to Blog Talk Radio!

Go to (hear the podcast!)
Networking guru, George Fraser and author Sonya Lowery (Heart & Soul's cover model winner) will be this week's guests.

Tune in to The Chocolate Pages Show & hear the networking guru George Fraser. What do others says about him?

"We all appreciate a genuine connection with one another. Presented in the spirit of truth and encouragement, George's Click equips us with the tools we need to build and sustain meaningful relationships based on mutual give and take. Click is a valuable and needed guide." --TERRIE M.WILLIAMS, author of The Personal Touch.

"George Fraser is one of the best when it comes to networking. It is his passion. This book will help so many people who are looking to get to the next level. He is the man!" --STEDMAN GRAHAM, author, speaker, and entrepreneur

See his book, "Click" at the end of this Ezine.

Jump Start Book Sales with these essential CDs!

--Dan Poynter, the author of "Self Publishing Guide" & industry "guru"

Fortunately, mistakes do not have to happen in book publishing. Unlike
most industries, authors and publishers are helpful, friendly and
supporting. Since each book is unique, bookpeople do not feel threatened.
They find that discussing each others' promotional plans is a good mental
exercise for their own books. There are books, seminars, forums and other
forms of help.

"[Self] Publishers can't get too much education."
--Jan Nathan, past executive director, Publishers Marketing Association.

Book publishing is a collegial world-wide fraternity of people with
incredible dedication, tenacity and expertise. They realize that we are
conspirators not competitors. They all want to sell more books. They
realize "A rising tide raises all boats."

" Investing in books and seminars is cheaper than a mistake."
--Mindy Bingham, Advocacy Press.

NEW: PR Coaching CDs by Pam Perry!

If you missed the seminars, you can access via Pam Perry's CDs! Perry was recently called by Publishers Weekly the "public relations guru" in the African American Christian market. (see blog)

-Here are the CDs that are available now:
-What Every Author Should Know
-PR Coaching: How to Put Together A Press Kit
-Marketing Your Ministry: Digital Evangelism
-How to Launch Your Book Campaign
-PR 2.0 Tips for Authors
Each CD is $20 and includes the "115 PR Tips on How to Brand Your Ministry" booklet! Shipping and handling included!

Go to:

Publicist to the "Stars" Terrie Williams hosts an event in NYC for MLK Day

Join the Network! The social Network for Christian Authors!

The CPN was launched on Aug. 28 & we are almost 1,000 plus members strong!
Share your book news, blogs, photos and videos! FREE!

I'm also on Twitter.
Get Book Publicity support and advice FREE!

Hear Dr. Pat Bailey Jones and Meet her too!

See her media appearances on:
Thursday Dec. 4 morning, The Harvest Show

Friday, Dec. 5, 9 pm EST LIVE on The Word Network-Rejoice in the Word with Bishop Greg Davis
Studio Audiences welcome. Call (586) 790.3838

She also has appeared on Christian Television Network
and will be a guest on TCT's new show:
Managing God's Money with Pastor Anthony Shannon

In Detroit Metro area? Catch her:

Thursday, December 4, 6:30 PM
New Mt. Hermon Missionary Baptist Church
3225 S Deacon, Detroit
Pastor Alex Hill, Senior Pastor
For more info call: 313.618.6949

Sunday, Dec. 7, 11:00 AM
Beyond the Veil International Church
19244 W. Seven Mile Rd., Detroit, MI 48219
Pastor Anthony Shannon
For more Info: call 313.535.1700
Please send your prayer requests to

So many miss the entire point of using social media to grow their business. Many make it harder and more time consuming than they need to.

Read this SUPER post by one of my favorite bloggers, Relationship Economy on the 4 A's of social media -- if you miss these basics, you completely miss the boat... which might explain why most of you might not see any return from your efforts.

Really read it and compare your current social media marketing strategy to it. It seems basic, but often even the so-called pros don't get it:

Via my Twitter Buddy:
Maria Reyes-McDavis

Get this book Save $

by George C. Fraser by McGraw-Hill

List Price: $24.95
Our Price: $13.81
Buy Now on

Does the thought of networking make you cringe?

In this book you will find ten simple principles that will dispel your dread of networking forever and reveal a proven path to success and happiness. Imagine mastering the skills to create an extraordinary marriage, lifelong friendships, or powerful and enriching business relationships.

That is what awaits you in Click: the tools to tap into the richest resource on the planet--other people--no matter how hard it's been for you to do so in the past.

In Click you will discover the Ten Truths for connecting with people:

-Tailor your relationships--to consciously create the perfect fit
-Be authentic--attract what you love and what loves you
-Trust first--release your real power
-Communicate with your heart--a new source of intelligence
-Love, give, serve, add value--then watch what comes back
-Bless them and release them--learn the lessons and move on
-Be open to everything--you can remake your life
-Make peace, not war, with words--create belief and confidence
-It takes teamwork to make the dream work--seek caring, creative allies
-Nurture your relationships--they are the core of your success

A new world opens with networking. But George Fraser doesn't stop there. He shows you how to go from networking to connecting--when you experience that heartfelt feeling of trust and exciting burst of energy with someone. And then when you each willingly add special value to each other and achieve more together than either of you could achieve alone, that's when you're clicking. book of the month.


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