Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lawdy... Black Folks Fighting, Winning Primaries ....

Good people, how are you?
I must say what is going on in the world?
Civil Disobedience rally in NY led by Rev. Sharpton, cops beating folk up in Philadelphia and yes, O-B-A-M-A winning in North Carolina and almost in Indiana. Lawdy...
What's happening is people are using the media to empower themselves and get the message out. Are you?

The Ladies of the PR Distinction are talented, educated, super connected PR Experts/Strategists here to serve, empower and assist you in crafting a "message." Learn more about us by clicking on the respective website.

Getting the correct message out is key ...
1) Define your mission -what are you about?
2)Be a student of the media - learn how the media works
3)Be prepared for the opportunity - have your tools ready when God, luck, and timing provide favor
4)Think linearly -Act with a plan. Identify what you want to promote
5)Promote yourself- Brand yourself.
6) If you want more...
Check out my eBook - You Want Caviar, But Have $ for Chitterling - A Smart PR Guide for those on a Budget.

Karen Taylor Bass

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