Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Victory! Saved Magazine and PR Boot Camp Recap - Obama On Cover

SAVED magazine is an arm of the five- fold ministry of the Holy Spirit to the millennial Body of Christ. SAVED magazine targets diverse Christian population by infusing area businesses, neighborhoods and ministries across economic and ethnic lines. The demographic reach is unobstructed by racial, social and cultural barriers. We appeal to people of every race, age, occupation and status that believe Jesus Christ is Lord. We also target readers from differing perspectives who want to know more about what Christians hold to be true. SAVED is a glossy bimonthly Christian magazine aimed at Christian and non- Christian buyers across the globe. SAVED is a distributed to major bookstores such as: Borders, Walden Books, Family Christian Books, etc. and selected newsstands across America , Canada and the Caribbean . It is also available at conferences, networking events and by controlled distribution and subscription.

Victory at the PR Boot Camp!
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About the Writer
SAVED founder, Theresa Tavernier broke ground in 2003 with South Florida 's first hard-hitting Christian magazine. Tavernier, and the staff of SAVED provokes readers to become the violent force against evil that they are prophesied to be. Her call is revealed as a mission to give voice to the teachings of the Holy Spirit through print media on the deeper methods of Christian development and means to soulful success. Contact her Toll Free: 877.34 SAVED or visit w ww.savedmagazine.com.

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