Monday, September 1, 2008

Write a Press Release Write a News Release, Press Release Tip #13

Write a Press Release Write a News Release, Press Release Tip #13
Hyperlinks (or links)

The sixth part of a press release? The hyperlinks, or links. They can be scattered throughout the press release, and I've highlighted the links in the press release below in yellow. I'm devoting an entire lesson to these because they're so important.

Here's why:

1. The search engines consider inbound links to your website one of the most
important factors in determining the "importance" of your site and where on
the list it will place your website when somebody does a search. So the
more links back to your own website, the better. When you post press
releases online and include a link back to your own website, it helps your
website's ranking. But when many of other people either reprint your
press release or write about it, and include the link back to your website,
that improves your ranking even further.

2. Links take people where you want them to go. You can link to things like
your bio, product pages at your website, free articles at your website, or
any other place that includes information that's too long or in-depth to
include in the press release.

3. Links can also bring people directly into your sales funnel.

Include no more than about a half-dozen links in each press release because you don't want your readers to get sidetracked and miss the call to action.

Also, be sure every link opens in a new window so your readers are able to return to the press release and continue reading each time they click on a link.

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