Monday, October 20, 2008

Prayer for Journalists and National Media

Dear Father in Heaven,
You have commanded us to pray for those in all areas of worldly authority – (government, business, judicial, education, military, entertainment and media) and we acknowledge that all authority comes from you. We thank you for the freedom of speech and for the incredible media/journalism systems that have blessed our nation and our world.

Father, forgive us for not praying for the journalists and media workers who make important daily contributions to our lives and our world. Forgive us for cursing instead of blessing, judging instead of listening, and complaining instead of encouraging those who are fighting for truth and justice.

Bless them with a Passion for Truth
We ask that you bless all those in TV, radio, Internet, newspapers, magazines and publishing with a passion for your truth and discernment. From the smallest newsroom to the major networks, from the hidden reporter to the media mogul, we ask that you remind them of the incredible privilege and critical responsibility that they have to their neighbors, children, communities and every American.

Bless them for Divine Purpose

We know that you designed these individuals (reporters, anchors, writers, producers, editors, cameramen, publishers, artists, managers and others), with special gifts that were meant to enrich and redeem our communities; thus we thank you for them and ask that you establish and align their lives and works with the purposes of heaven. We pray and bless all those people involved in media and journalism in our nation—that they may fulfill the purpose they were created for. Give them a long-range perspective of the impact of their stories, words, pictures, and comments have upon us today and tomorrow.

Expand Truth and Wisdom to Gatekeepers
Dear Lord, we ask that you loosen the spirit of truth, revelation, knowledge, and discernment over our country, our leaders, and especially those in the media. We ask that by your mighty hand that you deal with the spirits of confusion, deception, lies, error, influence, personal gain, and manipulation that have been impacting journalism and the flow of information in our cities, states, nation and world. Give wisdom and courage to the gatekeepers of information in all newsrooms - local, national and international. Help the journalists and media leaders to make decisions based upon truth and public good rather than being swayed by prejudice, greed, and fear.

Protect and Strengthen the Righteous
Thank you Lord for those in media who pay the cost to be “standard bearers.” For those who walk in integrity and seek eternal truth, give them wisdom, favor, creativity, strength, blessings and access. Let their words ring out like the Shofar that splits the heavens with its sound and awakens the masses.

Send Light into the Darkness
For those journalists who are trapped and blinded by deception, pride, and fear, let their words be like dust in wind. Expose the nets of the enemy. Neutralize their lies (known and unknown), twisted truths and manipulation. Shake them with revelation and give them courage to turn and do the right thing, regardless of cost. Send forth your light and truth and draw them into greater freedom. Open the eyes of their hearts to see the light of your truth, experience the love of Christ and power of the Holy Spirit.

Bless them for the Sacrifice
We thank you for the incredible personal sacrifices made by the journalists around the globe who serve our desire and demand for information. Protect them from danger and as they travel. Strengthen their families and bless the spouses and children who have lost their parents and partners in the line of duty, war and because of the demanding “news biz” schedule.

Restore their First Love
Heavenly Father, by your great love and mercy, for the journalists: restore the first love of journalism, truth and the desire to make the world a better place. Open their minds, hearts, and spirits to the eternal perspective. Help them to embrace the fruit from the Tree of Life and reject the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. May the responsibility and importance of their role and service to our communities, citizens, nation, and world be affirmed and appreciated by others.

Courage and Strength in Crisis
In times of crisis, increase their discernment, multiply energy, clarify thoughts and expand grace. Give courage to those who are pure of heart and give humility to those who lost focus. Give strength to those who fight to produce and tell those stories that many don’t want to hear. Encourage those who are weary and who have been punished for fighting for truth.

Father, your word says that we reap what we sow, and, Lord, we turn to you and ask that by the power of your name - Bless the journalists in America and around the globe so that Your Truth will be heard, Your Will shall be done, and Thy Kingdom come.

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Prayed by Lynn Scarborough, Lynn@EmPowerCom.Us

Lynn is a veteran TV coach and media consultant who has worked with over 200 news organizations. Her recent book, Talk Like Jesus, Change Your World with the SIMPLE™ Steps of the Master Communicator, gives practical suggestions to effective communication in business and life.

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