Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Do YOUR Own Radio Show! Podcast

Sign Up & Podcast using audio acrobat
Record Audios by Telephone! Call anytime! Call anywhere!

Call into the AudioCenter with your PIN code. Easy to navigate phone prompts will instruct you on what to do next to record your telephone audios!

Record Personal Audios!

Use your telephone phone to record your 60 minute (1 hour) personal audios…great for quick audio production of educational instructions, seminars, and tips.
Record Conference Calls, Interviews and Teleclasses!

You can record by telephone up to 120 minutes (2 hours) per call using your telephone’s three-way calling function. Record your conference calls, interviews or other phone meetings for safe keeping and playback later.
Record Audio Testimonials and Create Useful Customer Feedback!

Nothing beats the emotion in the voice of someone telling you how good your products or services are! Create unlimited testimonial lines, one for each product or service if you like, to allow your customers to call. All customer testimonials and feedback are immediately and automatically available to post on your website or emails.
Record in Stereo with Your PC Microphone!

Plug in a microphone and record to get FM quality sound over the Internet. Record from your computer! Anytime! Record your audio anywhere on the planet where you have a connection to World Wide Web.
Record and Produce Videos at Your Desktop!

Upload your finished video files. AudioAcrobat has the most advanced, upload file conversion for video on the Web!
Add Audio To Your Website and Emails...Very Easy!

Just select the audio you want posted to your Website from the list of audios you have recorded, and customize the play button the way you want it. With AudioAcrobat, you paste the automatically generated HTML into your website and forget it. Very simple! It is just choose, cut, paste... that is it!
Publish Your Web Page on AudioAcrobat with a Powerful Web Editor.

With AudioNotes, add graphics, logos and photos or use pre-designed email templates you can email to friends, family, business associates, prospects, or whomever you like! Send as many as you like!
Publish Radio Shows!

Create Playlists and publish audio tracks complete with advertising spots, commercial breaks, messages from your sponsor and music intros and exits. Assemble several audios into one continuous playlist. You can add any audio in your account to a playlist in the order that you want them played. It really does not get any easier than this!
Publish and Podcast Audios in Minutes!

Powerful syndication through the Podcast networks will get your audio messages and radio programs incredible visibility.
Publish Spectacular Video Productions!

Take video with audio and place them on your Website to create incredible visual programs such as trailers, online TV shows and training sessions.
Use your Web Cam to produce instant video streams right from your desktop. Or, use a digital movie camera and produce your videos offline for the best quality, then upload.

Upload Graphics, Logos and Photos!

Create your own custom Web pages on AudioAcrobat!
Upload MP3 and WAV Files!

Do it anytime, anywhere! Encode for dial-up or Broadband Internet connections.
Upload Video Productions!

AudioAcrobat has the most amazing video transcoding technology on the Web today. Upload a variety of standard video formats such as AVI, FLV, MPEG, MOV, QuickTime, VOB, WMV and 3GP.
Download Audios!

Place your audios as MP3 files on your computer. Burn them to CDs.

Send Audio Download Links to Anyone on the Internet!

Plug downlinks into your own shopping cart auto-responders so your buyers can easily download audios after a purchase. Make available MP3 files for portable operating devices such as MP3 players and iPods.
Your Audio and Video Can Be Heard and Seen Worldwide!

AudioAcrobat players use Flash technology which has an incredible 98% market penetration.
Stream from Your Website with Your Choice of Dozens of Audio Players!

Choose players with play, pause, stop, fast rewind and fast forward functions and customize these players with colors to match your Website look and feel. Add special functions to autoplay, loop, and download MP3 files!
Instant and Automatic Updates for Your Streaming Audios!
No need to manually update your code each time you make a change to your audio. Make changes to the audio in AudioAcrobat and your Website streaming audios are automatically updated for you. You can re-record or replace any audio using your phone, PC microphone, or by uploading an audio file, and AudioAcrobat will make sure anyone listening through your Website gets the new audio instantly.
Measure the Power of Your Streaming Audio and Video!

AudioAcrobat gives you important statistics on downloads, play time and listens to completion. You need to know if people are listening to what you say. This way you can make quick changes to meet what your audience demands.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Gospel Promotion Help: Jawn Murray

Black Gospel Promo: Press Release

Washington, DC - Under his newest venture, multimedia journalist Jawn Murray is helping gospel artists and personalities get ready for both the gospel music community and the mainstream industry with his one-on-one media training workshop. For his much-sought-after services, the renowned media personality provides artists with tailor-made techniques that will help them effectively communicate with all aspects of the media (radio, television, print, online and red carpet) and the general public.

“While pure talent and God-given ability can land an artist a recording contract and maybe even a hit record, only polished talent with an ability to maintain their success by refining their aptitude to both captivate and communicate with the media and consumers have longevity,” Mr. Murray states. “Recognizing the need for development with gospel artists, I decided to take my expertise as a mainstream multimedia journalist and use it to educate, inspire and empower gospel artists.”

Mr. Murray recently worked with EMI Gospel artists Kierra “KiKi” Sheard and Bishop T.D. Jakes protégé Micah Stampley. Sessions include fundamentals from Murray’s bespoke curriculum and cover everything from ‘Personalized Media/Lifestyle Coaching’ to ‘Artist Decorum and Performance Principals’ and ‘How to Salvage a Struggling CD.’

“Media training and artist development is done in a personal, one-on-one setting. It’s like a session with an entertainment psychiatrist,” jokes Mr. Murray. “But only record labels or companies who genuinely believe in their artists make the investment on artist development and media training.”

Over the past few years, a bevy of entertainers have benefited from either Mr. Murray’s media training, damage control campaigns, media consulting and/or artist development. Gospel sensation Brent Jones, actress Vivica A. Fox, author Dr. Rovenia Brock, ‘American Idol’ finalist Trenyce, jazz artist Marcus Johnson and actress-comedienne Kym E. Whitley are among a few of the entertainers that have gained from his invaluable expertise.

About Jawn Murray

Jawn Murray is an entertainment columnist for America Online’s Black Voices. He also pens the popular “Jawn’s Juice” column for the Electronic Urban Report ( and L.A. Focus. Mr. Murray is a regular contributor to the New York Daily News—where he contributes for the “Rush & Molloy” column, Lloyd Grove’s “Lowdown” column, Ben Widdicombe’s “Gatecrasher” column and the daily’s “Now” section.

In addition to his column “Celebrity Mouthpiece” in Twelve magazine, Mr. Murray also contributes for magazines like In Touch Weekly, Upscale, Star, Smooth, Savoy, Black Elegance and Bump. On radio, he provided entertainment news for the popular nationally syndicated Doug Banks Morning Show (ABC Radio Networks). Mr. Murray serves on the board of directors for Dr. Bobby Jones’ International Gospel Industry Retreat and oversees the bi-annual conference’s media session.

Mr. Murray’s TV credits are numerous and he’s appeared on multiple shows on networks like VH1, E! Entertainment, Court TV, BET and The WB. He also served as a talent scout for The WB’s reality series ‘The Casting,’ selecting the Washington, D.C. finalist who went on to win the entire national show; in addition to being a casting judge for ‘Steve Harvey’s Big Time.’

For serious inquiries and rate information contact.

Jawn Murray – phone: 703-867-3298 –e-mail:

Friday, September 12, 2008

Let PR Coach Pam Perry promote your book

Let PR Coach Pam Perry promote your book
Marketing a book can be a daunting task, that's why we've taken all of the guesswork out of it. With simple packages and effective strategies, we combine our years of experience to offer you the most cost-effective ways to market.

Our clients have been featured on local and national television programs; nationally syndicated radio shows as well as national magazines in a variety of categories.

As your PR Coach, I will help you:

1. Define and target your audience
2. Build a platform
3. Create a brand
4. Develop a campaign strategy
5. Produce dazzling press & marketing materials
6. Navigate social media
7. Generate media hits

PR Advice for Students

I had a talk with my niece today about college, more specifically, what to expect after college – a career. Now, since she’s pursuing a communications degree – leaning towards advertising – I thought I’d give her a little advice. Since I’ve been there; done that.

I told her:

1. College is not just about getting a degree. It’s about weaving a network of contacts that will land you a real job after graduation. So, get involved in stuff that will look good on your resume [like internships and volunteer activities]. No future employer just wants a person who just does the basics.
2. Weigh out the cost of college. Decide if $80,000 a year is a good investment when the job you’ll realistically get will pay $100,000 a year after many, many years in the business. Decide if there is another school where you could get the same academic benefits without the major expense. Google. Google. Google.
3. Apply to all the programs for minorities like the American Advertising Agency Association Minority Fellowship program. This program is a paid summer internship program in NY or Chicago with major ad agencies (room and board are included). Major competition but major experience.
4. Make a list of 10 questions you’d like to ask a senior executive in the field of advertising. Write an intro to them – tell them who you are, how you admire their work and why you’d appreciate some advice and information from them. Email them or call them for a 15 minute “informational interview.”
5. Don’t be afraid if you don’t have a “normal” college career. Some kids finish in four it’s not a race. You are done when you’re finished. Getting off the beaten path may mean that you are going a different trail to lead others. It’s time to march to your own beat and not try to keep up with others. It’s your life – craft it and create the life you want.

After my little talk and instruction, I finally said, “If I were you….” She listened and said, “Thank you. No one has ever given me such guidance about my career. No one has really told me the real deal about relationships, contacts and how to really build a career. You are so willing to introduce me to so many contacts in the field. I’m so excited. I don’t feel so lost any more.”

I said, “Ok, sweetie, I love you, that’s what family is for.” And off I went to the new Tyler Perry movie, “The Family That Preys.” (By the way, Tyler just might be family too – regardless, we have to support our own and help others achieve their dreams. That’s what Christians do.)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Write a Press Release Write a News Release, Press Release Tip #13

Write a Press Release Write a News Release, Press Release Tip #13
Hyperlinks (or links)

The sixth part of a press release? The hyperlinks, or links. They can be scattered throughout the press release, and I've highlighted the links in the press release below in yellow. I'm devoting an entire lesson to these because they're so important.

Here's why:

1. The search engines consider inbound links to your website one of the most
important factors in determining the "importance" of your site and where on
the list it will place your website when somebody does a search. So the
more links back to your own website, the better. When you post press
releases online and include a link back to your own website, it helps your
website's ranking. But when many of other people either reprint your
press release or write about it, and include the link back to your website,
that improves your ranking even further.

2. Links take people where you want them to go. You can link to things like
your bio, product pages at your website, free articles at your website, or
any other place that includes information that's too long or in-depth to
include in the press release.

3. Links can also bring people directly into your sales funnel.

Include no more than about a half-dozen links in each press release because you don't want your readers to get sidetracked and miss the call to action.

Also, be sure every link opens in a new window so your readers are able to return to the press release and continue reading each time they click on a link.


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