Thursday, February 19, 2009

Is It Really Free Speech? NY Post Cartoon InAppropriate

Is it really free speech?

This cartoon is simply inappropriate for a myriad of levels. It's blatantly racist.

NY Post you need to be checked.

Why would you portray the President of the United States in this manner? Are you afraid that President Obama will succeed and lead Americans out of this financial calamity caused by the Bush Administration? The NY Post has been against the stimulus package from the beginning citing every reason why it won't work and no real suggestion or indication that maybe ... just maybe... this package could work to stimulate the economy and save everyday people from drowning.

If one of us fail ... we all fail. This is America where all dreams are possible. Right?

All New Yorkers are outraged by the cartoon. This is not a Black thing ... its an American thing.
Get with it.

As a PR Expert, impression and authenticity is everything. I preach to my clients and constituents about accountability. Is this the image and perception you want the "world" to see? I would hope not.

We are all responsible for making a better world.

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