Friday, March 2, 2012

Last Minute PR Ideas to Promote Your Product, Program or Service

Here are some “Last Minute Launch” Strategies proven to work:

What you can do in 3-Days to Launch

  • Create a really good “sales letter” and send to your email list
  • Set up Blog Tour with blogs you follow and those who comment on your blog (You DO follow blogs don’t you?)
  • Video (street beat, testimonials) and post up to Youtube
  • Video tape yourself speaking at an event or at a bookstore  & send out via email
  • Run a Facebook contest to offer your product for free by having people answer simple questions
  • Start Google+ Hangout & invite those in your circle who would be interested in your topic
  • Tweetchat and talk about your topic on Twitter
  • Article Marketing
  • Solicit reviews on Amazon via social networking and offer a bonus gift (when they do post a review)

What you can do in 24-Hours to Launch

  • Host an online party for your book or new product. (Telecall using a bridgeline)
  • Post a Slideshare and share to Facebook, your blog, twitter and add a Youtube video to it
  • Create a Pinterest
*Now these strategies will help you get buzz but it really takes a lot more planning and positioning in the marketplace to make an impact.   Try not to be “last minute,” think it through for real:
  • Take an assessment of your unique situation, target audience, core message, goals and opportunities
  • Create a game plan with timelines and tasks at least 60 to 90 days out
This initial planning will guide the whole promotion process of the launch which includes defining your unique market positioning, personal narrative assets, core values, branded process, markets and product mix.

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