Saturday, May 12, 2012

Showing Our Kids How to Act in Social Media, Reshonda Shows 'Em!

HOUSTON - You might call it old school parenting ... In a new age. Moms and Dads taking discipline public... striking in the same place their kids are breaking the rules.
"I was stunned because she's a very smart and intelligent young lady."
Former FOX 26 News reporter and national best selling author Resound Tate Billingsley says she was shocked to discover an Instagram photo that showed her 12-year-old daughter holding a bottle of alcohol.
"We had already talked about it, but I just assumed that she would know better in general. The fact that she didn't see anything wrong with it because she was not drinking, that's all she kept saying 'but I wasn't drinking it. I was just taking a picture,' and the fact that she didn't see anything wrong with it spoke volumes for me."
Billingsley thought about taking her daughter's phone away. Instead, she got creative.
"When she woke up I promptly had her do a sign and the sign said basically, she wasn't ready for social media and she saw it and burst out crying."
Billingsley put this picture on her daughter's instagram profile and then on her own facebook page.
Within hours, the picture had been shared more than 10,000 times.
"I never, ever expected it to go viral."
And there was reaction from both sides.
"The majority of it has actually been positive. There were some however who told me I was scarring my child for life, who said they couldn't believe I was doing the public humiliation."
Some experts will tell you-- humiliation will have long-lasting negative effects on children.
But in Billingsley's home all three kids know that, in mom's words: "you will get shown out... Where you show out."
Billingsley says her daughter now understands why her mom did what she did.
Now, she's starting a group at school-- to teach other kids about responsibility on social media.

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