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How to Create Synergy Energy for YOUR Book to Create BUZZ!

How to Create Synergy Energy for Your Book

“Joining forces with others can bring big rewards.” – Magic Johnson

The cycle of success is weaved within the network of people you know. You have dream - it’s encased in the form of your book - now how do you create a team to make things happen as a new author?

The best marketing secret strategy to use is to create synergy with others. Authors must learn how to share information, experience and markets with other authors. Iron sharpens iron.

Partnering with others gives you opportunities that you could not have produced alone! You can get more buzz for your book by combining strengths and resources with others. A three-fold cord is not easily broken and there is safety in a multiple of counselors. In other words, you’ll be safe and won’t go broke if you learn how to cooperate with others and team up!

There are tons of ways to “joint venture” and partner with others if you’re an author but make certain that the reason for forming the alliance is in SYNC with your goals, values and beliefs.

Here are some ideas:

1. Co-op a trade show booth with other authors. A booth at Book Expo America or CAABA (Christian African American Bookseller Association) could be out of range for an individual author but by coming together with other authors, the cost is just a fraction. This is win/win for everyone. The authors share the space and have a buddy who will “cover” them as they walk the exhibit floor and network with others.
2. Authors can partner with book clubs, bloggers, and radio station announcers by providing books through contests. This is often called a “trade for mention.”
3. Do co-op mailings together with other authors to bookstores, libraries and church bookstores. This cuts down on postage. Mail postcards, book marks and sample books.
4. Authors can joint venture with entrepreneurs and nonprofits by providing free seminars or information that is important to their target market. Then the church or business can buy bulk copies of their products for the event. The author can also offer additional bonuses.
5. Do workshops or seminars with other authors. You both benefit by creating buzz to each other’s audience and costs are cut in half (and the work too!)
6. Support other author’s book releases. Go to their book signings; tell others about their new release via your blog, email, postcards/flyers at your own book table. The blessing will come back to you too!
7. Swap links with other author’s websites, bookstores or media (this builds your traffic to your site and your Google rankings increase).
8. Trade excerpts with other authors and include that content in each other’s E-Zine, E-Newsletter or blog. The more good content you give your market – the more they love you and support you.
9. Interview another author on a podcast or blogtalk radio show. Share media opportunities.
10. Do a virtual conference with several authors. Or host teleseminars together.
11. Do a swap with another author. Give away tip sheets or Mp3s as bonuses with book purchases.
12. Sell each other’s books at your events. Offer a commission as an incentive so you make it financially worthwhile for others to promote your book.
13. Do a Membership site together on a topic that you and other authors are “experts” on. Take turns each month being the moderator or administrator. If it’s a site for singles, parents or those who want life coaching, do the site together and provide valuable content to the members. They become your “fan” club and eagerly await your future products and services.

As with any partnership, strategic alliances or joint venture, you need to do your homework to make sure it’s a good fit. Remember your brand is on the line, so make sure you “click” with them and are just not trying to get your book out to their list or grab up their web traffic. Be sincere and ask will you enhance your brand by associating with them? And if so, what are you bringing to the table?

By networking with others and adding synergistic partners to your “dream team,” you will multiply your influence, impact and credibility – and your publishing career will soar to new heights. By helping others to succeed, you become a success also.

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