Thursday, April 24, 2008

Let's blog about: What is the PR Distinction!

What is the PR Distinction?

We are a blog of eight enlightened, inspiring, empowering PR entrepreneurs who love God, their community and their careers.

We have more than 200 years of combined experience in marketing, advertising, public relations, ministry marketing, literary & gospel music publicity and branding.

We teach, train, speak and sometimes preach!

But our intent is to help others create buzz, build brands and live their God-inspired dreams.

We'll be blogging about:

  1. PR topics, current tools, tips and best practices in the industry - you'll get tons of FREE info from us

  2. The real deal in running a PR business - giving you our funny stories and learning from our "Lucy" moments

  3. How Public Relations has "created monsters" in ministry & the gospel industry and how the Church needs to shift - a hard word and thought provoking

  4. Current media or ministry events and our spins on it from the PR pros perspective - chime in and share your views too

  5. Our PR pet peaves, and what inspires after all these years....

Why would you keep coming back? To hear our insider secrets and we'll have podcasts and videos!

We are fusing our voices together to create a better community and make an impact with our distinct voice for such a time as this. Kingdom connections.

We all have a heart to enlighten, empower, educate, and inspire you to have total success in life and business. (We are also entertaining - yeah, we got jokes.)

Who are these chicks?
  1. Karen Taylor Bass

  2. Lenore Bruce

  3. Phyllis Caddell

  4. Pam Perry

  5. Candace Reese

  6. Rhonda Ridley

  7. Andrea Williams

  8. Monica Wood

Look for future webinars and teleclasses from us! Stay connected to the TRUE VINE!

PR Distinction: Take a stand when standing out!

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