Monday, April 28, 2008

We're just different...not deficient! Change is going to come.

Rev. Jeremiah Wright was right!
Another view.....
Barack Obama's ex-pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, spoke to the National Press Club on Monday, April 28th.
It was an early morning surprise to many (including myself) considering the firestorm that clips of a prior Reverend Wright sermon created for the Barack Obama camp. It was a firestorm of negativity that certain political analysts use as the cause for Obama's lack of votes in the recent Pennsylvania primary. So why did the good reverend decide to come forth now considering he has kept relatively quiet in the past?
Here is what I believe. Reverend Wright wanted to . . .
Defend the black church
It was obvious from Reverend Wright's words that he felt certain whites were maligning the black church because it was different. Different meaning that a traditional black church is not conducted in the same way as a traditional white church. The sermons are more forceful and full of fire. The leadership is more political.
And frankly, the views of the society aren't the same. He used this last point to explain why he made the infamous "God damn America" statement. It was his way of say that he really didn't mean it literally, but figuratively as an expression of his frustration with mainstream America and their treatment of blacks.
Portray a different side of himself
Although Reverend Wright stated several times that the media's portrayal of him was an attack against the black church, it was apparent by his speech that he felt it was an attack against him as well. At times, he used popular terms used by the media to describe him in his speech. Also, he brought up his service in the military and to the community as a way to bolster his persona and show that he had acted in ways more patriotic than the current presidential camp. He made it clear that he was not the crazy, Anti-American lunatic that he was portrayed to be by the media.

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