Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Yes... I Can!

Good people, I have just completed my E-Book ... You Want Caviar, But Have $ for Chitterling -- A Smart PR Guide for Those on A Budget. My book is over 50 pages with real tools to help individuals, entrepreneurs grow and make money from their business. Also, I have various professionals and business leaders contributing on how to write an effective press release, announce a new business, transition/re-invention, networking, etc... Please visit and get your copy on May 6th.

Okay... I am on a natural high. Staying on message, listening to God and allowing him to work through me.

Following the news media with all the coverage of Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Isn't it time for him to sit down and be silent? I was on his side on Sunday, then came the Nat'l Press Club speech --was he trippin'? Was he trying to sabotage Barack? Or, did he simply find his rhythm and just couldn't stop? My vote is that he was loving the response from the crowd, and just kept on flowing like a hip hop star rapping on vintage Soul Train. Feel me?

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