Friday, June 20, 2008

The Next Stop After Media Training

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Whether you’re the entrepreneurial leader of a small start-up company or the CEO of a Fortune 100 company, the expectations of the media and other public audiences are one and the same:

1. They look to you for clear, accurate information about your company
2. They expect you to be the credible “face” of the entire organization
3. They want a compelling story from you or they’ll turn away and look elsewhere

On point #3 especially, while many company spokespersons, primarily CEOs, invest thousands of dollars in media training, the misconception is that once that power-exercise is complete, your training is over and you’re now ready for any media interview.

Quite the contrary, just as an exercise routine needs consistency and repetition to produce results, to stand out in an information-overloaded digital world, CEOs need to continuously brush up on their message delivery and story-telling skills.

While media training lays a foundation for how to be confident during an interview and respond to difficult questions, the key challenge many CEOs have is delivering key messages in every interview so they have a direct hand in shaping how the story is written. With the right interview technique and narrative about the company in a media interview, the story should write itself… and include important quotes that deliver the strategic messages.
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