Tuesday, December 21, 2010

10 Most Fascinating Women of 2010 and Debut of Karen Taylor Bass' Vlog for Black Enterprise.com

By Karen Taylor Bass (www.thebrandnewmommy.com)

If Barbara Walter’s and so many others can have their countless list(s) of fascinating folks and trend watchers — why shouldn’t I?

Each day I encounter amazing women doing the darn thing (going hard), some with recognition and others about to B-L-O-W-U-P.

With that in mind, I compiled a list of fascinating women (not all BNM) who have truly reinvented the odds to succeed.

All the women mentioned have a common thread – they have turned loss and defeat into success. To these women I say B-R-A-V-A!

As we continue to renew and redefine our personal brand in 2011, remember, don’t just look at the success scorecard – take a close look at the struggle, story, and countless disappointment(s) — that’s the story for motivation. *Please check out these fantastic ladies and spread the word.
1)   You. Despite all that happened, you got up each morning and managed to motivate and inspire a family, team, corporation and yourself.
2)   Coach Beverly Kearney, Hall of Famer and Game Changer
3)   Jennifer James, Trailblazer for Mom Bloggers 
4)   Joyce Adejumo, Entrepreneur and Activist

Mithie Mitchell
5)   Pam Perry, Social Media Evangelist
6)   Sherri Shepherd, Entertainer
7)   Mo’Nique, Entertainer
8)   Gina Ramcharan, Entrepreneur
8b) Krista Barnett, Inventor

Krista Barnett, Inventor of the Boot Band
9)   Agnes Davis, Fitness/Swim Expert
10) Me (Karen Taylor Bass), Entrepreneur, Brand New Mommy & The PR Expert.

Enjoying the moment with my babies
Honorable Mentions:
1)   Halle Berry. She makes motherhood and everything look so effortless and stylish.
2)   Oprah Winfrey. What can you say but OWN.
3)   Whoopi Goldberg. Thank you for keeping them accountable at  ‘The View.
4)   Michelle Obama. Thanks for being an outstanding First Lady with some melanin.
Happy Holidays, Fascinating Woman of 2010! www.thebrandnewmommy.com - KTB.

Check out Karen Taylor Bass's Vlog for Black Enterprise.com

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