Sunday, December 5, 2010

A quote from Putting the Public Back in Public Relations

Got some exciting news to share with you.

Suppose you could make $2,500.00 to $10,000.00 or

more simply by giving a 90-minute speech based

on your book (or expertise if you don't have a book).

Would you be interested?

If so, join my friend Steve Harrison of Radio-TV Interview Report (RTIR) for a free telephone seminar on Thursday, December 9th on which you'll hear
him interview author/speaker James Malinchak on how

to get started giving paid speeches -- even if

you're a complete unknown in your field.

Speaking is one of the best ways to dramatically

increase your income as an author (or anybody

with expertise).

In fact, I know many authors who make 90% or more
of their incomes from speaking and less than 10%
from book sales.

Whether you're already a veteran speaker or you've

never given a paid speech before, you'll still

benefit from James's strategies. Steve has been

speaking for years and has been pleasantly surprised

how much he's learned a lot from him.

Steve's offering this free "teleseminar" on

Thursday, December 9th at your choice of two times:

either 2:00 pm Eastern (11:00 am Pacific)

OR 7:00 pm Eastern (4:00 pm Pacific)

Go here now to register for Thursday's call:

Here's just some of what you'll discover:

* How to find companies and organizations who

already have a budget to pay speakers like you

handsomely -- even if you're not famous or

well-known in your field.

* Why you should never accept less than $2,500.00

to give a speech -- even if you're a complete

unknown with an 'ordinary topic' -- and what to

do to easily get that fee.

* Five critical steps for landing speaking

engagements when you don't have a lot of time

to spend marketing yourself.

* Why you don't need a demo tape or a fancy

speakers kit to land speaking gigs, but what

you DO need to give them instead.

* How experienced speakers can raise their

fee and get it.

* Proven ways to brand yourself and your message

in a way that will prompt a flood of requests

for speaking engagements.

* Four actual case histories of speakers who

have gone from not knowing anything about the

speaking business to making a six-figure income

as paid professional speakers.

* How to put on your own 'sold out' seminars

and workshops.

* Five other ways you can make money beyond

the speaking fee you receive.

* Three critical things to ask for when negotiating

with the meeting planner to make the most of the


* Which topics colleges and corporations are

most interested in having speakers address.


Again, to register for Thursday's call go here now:

You'll be glad you did!

Pam Perry, Chief Visionary
and author of "Synergy Energy"
Get free Mp3 & ebook "What Every Author Should Know"

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